Fastenal Fastenal

Sunbelt Controls

Sunbelt Controls: New San Diego headquarters for Sunbelt Controls, Kearny Mesa. Manufacturer and distributer… [more]

Sunbelt Controls Sunbelt Controls


New 2,600sq.ft. Mission Valley Office location for Sandag. This public agency serves as the forum… [more]

Sandag Sandag

Calright Instruments

Calright Instruments: New headquarters in Otay Mesa; Manufacturer and distributor of high-tech testing… [more]

Calright Instruments Calright Instruments

Allergy Partners

San Diego Division of Allergy Partners; 3,768sq.ft. medical and business office location in Mission Valley… [more]

Allergy Partners Allergy Partners

Trabus Technologies

Trabus Technologies, 3,300sq.ft. office and electronic laboratories and Schiff room — Mission Valley… [more]

Trabus Technologies Trabus Technologies

Alcala Labs

2,400sq.ft. laboratory facility for performance of Competitive Medical Testing in Mission Valley.… [more]

Alcala Labs Alcala Labs

Maxim Athletics

Maxim Athletic and Uniforms Express headquarters Eastlake; 14,800sq.ft. including Call Center, Fitness… [more]

Maxim Athletics Maxim Athletics

Dr David Najafi-Opthalmologist – New Office

Dr David Najafi Alliance Retina Consultants new practice location, La Mesa. 3,800sq.ft. business offices,… [more]

Dr David Najafi-Opthalmologist – New Office Dr David Najafi-Opthalmologist - New Office